Tuition Rates for 2024-2025 Academic Year

Re- enrollment/Application (Registration): This non-refundable and non-transferable annual fee is due at the time of re-enrollment for present students and at the time of application and enrollment for all new students. All paperwork and fees must be submitted at the same time to complete the re-enrollment/application process.

Re-enrolling Student $300
New Student $350

Tuition/Financial Obligation: Upon enrollment parents understand they are entering into an annual agreement and that they are obligated to pay tuition for the full academic year. You will be required to select your payment plan before the scholarship amounts are announced. This payment plan can be changed upon request. Monthly payments incur a 5% finance fee monthly. Monthly payments must be made through FACTS autopay (bank ACH payments or credit card payments). Full payment options are also available in FACTS.

Full-Time Tuition

Total Annual Tuition (paid in full by July 1st) $10,500.00
11 Equal Payments (July – May) $1,002.27

Parent Service Hours: Parents are required to assist the school for 10 hours per student during the school year, up to 20 hours maximum. If a student’s parents do not serve by April 30, 2024, the student’s account will be billed $200.00 per student on the May billing. We encourage all parents to seek approved service opportunities sooner rather than later so you are not short at the end of the school year. A list of volunteer opportunities will be provided at the beginning of each year. In addition, the donation of classroom furnishing and supplies may be applied to this requirement at the discretion of GCA.

Additional Fees:
Late pick-up fees – A late fee will be applied for pick-up after 3:20. Flat late fee of $5.00 starts at 3:20-3:35. Additional $10.00 fee for next 15 min increment (3:35-3:50) Additional $15.00 fee for next 15 min increment (3:50-4:05).

Field Trips– The prices of these trips will be determined and information will be sent home when available.

Academic Support Services

Extra Classroom SupportStudents identified to need extra classroom support due to learning gaps, academic struggles, or behavioral issues, by the teacher and approved by the Dean of students, will be required to have extra support in the classroom. Any fees associated with additional academic/behavioral support above and beyond our normal curriculum and services will be charged to the parents.